Many addicts of Twilighters Anonymous find it hard to get away from their computers to live their daily lives because they feel they may miss out on news, chat, forums, or may not be able to check their e-mail every second of the day. They often want to be the first ones to know the latest news and everything else about Twilight. Well, now TA can go with you where ever you go with the use of almost any cell phone!

What does Twilighters Anonymous offer on their mobile edition?

1. The latest 10 News Blogs
You’ll be able to get the latest news as it hits our site. Once published on our main website, it will also be publish on our mobile website.2. New Blogs Commenting
Just like on our website, you’ll be able to comment on any news article directly from your cell phone. Comments still have to be approved by administrators however, once approved your comment will go from your cell phone to our news blog within minutes.

3. Forum Access
With forum access, you can review/read any forum accessible from your browser. You cannot reply to anything but you can see any replies to any content you posted.

4. TA Mobile E-Mail
Because we are powered by, mobile e-mail is a breeze. You can read, reply, and send out e-mails just as if you were on Everything’s instant so you can get your e-mails out in a jiffy.

5. TA Chat
We currently offer a client to connect to Twilighters Anonymous chat for Windows Mobile 5 and 6. You can download the client directly from our mobile website and be on chat with in minutes. We are still working on getting online chat to work for more mobile phones, but since this is our first release of the website, it’s the best we can do. The mobile client has already been configured to work directly with our IRC (internet relay chat) server so all you need to do is fill in your username and you’ll be connected to chat instantly.

So how do you get to this brilliance that is TA Mobile? Simple! Just type in this address to your cell phone browser:

No more panic attacks - now you can reach TA wherever you go! Enjoy!

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